Saturday, June 29, 2013

Expressive Type Midterm

This is a piece from my expressive type class.  I've been working with scripted letters for a while now, but this one came out particularly well.  The medium was originally HB pencil, although the below version is gone over in Illustrator.

The Girl and the Snake

This is a painting that I did for my Nude Body midterm.  Oil on canvass.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Illustrative Storytelling Midterms

These four illustrations are my midterm pieces for the Illustrative Storytelling class that I am currently taking with Jeff Smith.  They are mostly FW ink applied via brush, but there are some elements of watercolor and digital involved as well.  They are based on the short stories The Killers, Royal Jelly, The Visitor, and A Good Man Is Hard To Find.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ink and Watercolor

The following are from my Illustrative storytelling class.  For the most part they are pen and ink, watercolor, or brush and ink, but micron is used a fair amount and in a few cases some digital color.  
They are either paintings based on film stills or comps for our midterm (post coming soon), which is an illustration for each of the four short stories Royal Jelly, The Visitor, A Good Man is Hard to Find, and The Killers.

Pen and ink drawings

These are a few drawings from the pen and ink class that I took last term.  Some are from my final project (a book of illustrated Lewis Carroll poems) and some are in class drawings from a model.  They are done with a combination of micron pens, brush pens, crow quill pen nibs, and brushes.  Medium varies depending on the illustration, but most are at least half micron.